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Birthdate:Mar 4
poisonarrows at lj dot com

Everyone is psychotic to some degree. That is human nature.


I am nobody; I have nothing to do with explosions.


Can't take back those hours
But I won't regret
'Cause you can grow flowers
From where dirt used to be.

Stacey. Twenty-year-old prairie girl. I talk big (LIKE, LITERALLY) but I'm generally really nice. One day I'll make this profile fabulous -- but for now, just know that I adore Matthew Good, Patrick Dempsey, and Ellen Page, and I talk about them a lot. I don't like hypocrites, ageists, or music elitists, and I'm trying to surround myself with good people.

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'dance to this bden', 'it's time for ross', 'mega rock at the megaplex', 'none sheets to the wind', 'ryan-is-so-fucking-hot-right-now', alexisonfire, all time low, an american crime, arrested development, arseholes, artstu, bden, bden/ryro, being erica, books, brendon urie, brian/justin, brokeback mountain, bunnyhugs, butch walker, can't buy me love, canadian idol, canadianisms, checkers, chick flicks, chuck palahniuk, city and colour, coffee, concerts, crowned king, dallas green, dane cook, demetri martin, deutsch, diablo cody, disney/pixar movies, ellen page, ellen's big girl bra, enchanted, fall out boy, fan fiction, footloose, freckles, fueled by ramen, gale harold, grammar, grey's anatomy, gym class heroes, hammond, hanson, hard candy, harry potter, harvest moon, hayley williams, hedley, hedwig and the angry inch, hellogoodbye, holly mcnarland, iconversations, incredibly nonsensical fic pairings, jackson rathbone, jacob hoggard, jason bateman, jon walker, jon & kate plus 8, jt leroy, juno, kate nash, kate winslet, kelly clarkson, kevin zegers, lance (from toronto), le petit prince, little miss sunshine, logan lerman, loverboy, made of honor, marion bridge, mariƩ digby, mark rendall, matt's rolling dope emporium, matthew good, matthew good band, meredith/derek, mest, mice, motion city soundtrack, mouth to mouth, my chemical romance, not talking on the phone, one tree hill, panic at the disco, pansexuality, paramore, particles of truth, patrick dempsey, photoshop, pinky, pinky/hammond, pissing off douchebags, poetry, pride and prejudice, queen, queer as folk, radiohead, rain, reading, red hoodies, rent, robert frost, robert munsch, rocky horror picture show, rosevests, rpattz, saying dirty things in german, silbermond, sketching, slash, slashy dreams, smart people, snakes on a plane, snark, spencer's-esp-and-lollipop-of-doom, super long lj conversations, sylvia plath, the academy is..., the biggest little ticket, the chipmunk adventure, the dresden dolls, the envy, the haunted airman, the hush sound, the nightmare before christmas, the sims 2, the stone angel, the tracey fragments, the used, tim burton, tomstu, toni collette, trailer park boys, twatlight, united states of tara, urie accidents, vans, video on trial, wake, watching ellen page run, wilby wonderful, writing

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